“Destiny by Design”

What is family camp?

A family camp is vacation for the entire family with time and opportunities for good experiences and fellowship.

This is a chance to know the living God in a better way, to hear his voice and maybe even find out that he has a plan for you and your family.

The camps have lots of inspiring teaching, worship and small group gatherings. There is also time to just be a family and maybe take a picnic to the beach.

It is possible for english speaking families to attend the camps. It is an advantage if you have english speaking children who are teenagers.

Contact YWAM if you and your family are interested.

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God has a dream, and you are a part of it. You know that, right?

Have you ever considered what your purpose is on earth?

What is the meaning with your life?

Destiny by Design is a teaching that will challenge you to discover or rediscover your purpose.

We are blessed to have Gwen Bergquist come to teach. Gwen lives in China, that is, when she is not traveling the world teaching.

“Destiny By Design is a simple yet brilliant teaching! It’s purpose is to help people identify and extract the gifts of God within them, pointing them toward His destiny for their lives.”


There is a deposit, which has to be paid when signing up for registration to be valid. The deposit is non-refundable!

Registration will be open for as long as there is room for more people on the camp, but will close the 1st of June at the latest. See prices above.

Please notice, that there will be a discount if the full payment is payed before April 15th. The total amount has to be paid by 1st. of July.