30 June – 6 July 2024

Pack the work gloves for a week of adventure in the end of June for craftsmen and others with intelligent and generous hands who want to make a difference.

By the city of Liepāja lies a fantastic piece of land and a center that will be used for seminars and camps, and create a good environment where families can come, seek restoration, find each other and find God. The place needs a loving, practical hand to reach its full potential.

We went for the first time in 2022 and it was an unforgettable week where children and adults worked side by side. We painted, sawed, cooked over a fire, made electricity, water, sang, felled trees, shared life, ate cake, bathed in the sea, built a roof – all in high spirits and in good company.

Are you going with us this summer?

The Vision

Juris and Kristīne leads the family work from the center in Liepaja – they call the place The Cave

The goal of the place is to create space where families can strengthen their relationships and get tools for the future. With the right tools and opportunities, families can make good decisions and succeed as a family, with healthy relationships between the children, the young people and the parents.

Activities at the center

Counseling for couples and families, events for families, seminars and educational programs for families, family camps, etc.

A small group leaves a few days in advance and prepares for our work. The whole group has a joint start on Sunday evening at the center, where we meet each other and get an overview of the days.


We have a joint start and finish in Liepāja, but you choose the transport from Denmark to Liepāja yourself.

Here are a few alternatives:


Billund – Riga (RIX) after which a 215 km drive in a rented car.

Kastrup to Palanga (PLQ) in Lithuania, followed by 50 km in a rented car. It is easy to rent a car at the airport.

Car – Ferry:

Via Germany and Poland (driving: approx. 1928 km)
Via Sweden: Ferry from Karlshamn to Klaipeda in Lithuania (of which driving: approx. 917 km).
Via Germany: DFDS Ferry from Kiel to Klaipeda in Lithuania.

It is only 74 km from Klaipeda to the center.
Follow the GPS to the destination: 56°22’30.5″N 21°09’09.7″E

Let’s use the facebook group to coordinate with each other to take the same ferry or plane.

The plan – roughly outlined

How hard can it be… to drive to Billund or Kastrup and jump on a plane to either Riga or Palanga, rent a car and drive to Liepāja, where Juris and Kristina will welcome us with open arms and dinner, – and tell us about the vision and our specific project.

We end the day by praying together and making a plan for the next day before we dip our toes in the water… drink evening coffee and sing a goodnight song and go to bed.

Monday – Friday
Get up, eat breakfast, gather for a short devotional and prayer and then go to work. We also find time to explore the area and enjoy the Latvian culture, nature and culinary inventions.

We pack up, enjoy a joint brunch and make packed lunches, kiss and hug and wave goodbye – with wonderful experiences and hopefully all fingers intact.
Turning your nose towards Denmark, or perhaps a week’s holiday in the beautiful Baltics.
We officially end with brunch on Saturday.