Project Compassion is an initiative that has been reaching out to women under the control of prostitution rings in the bohemian area of Belo Horizonte for over 20 years. The project offers spiritual, emotional, and practical support, providing a pathway out of the life of prostitution. Many women have experienced significant changes in their lives through this program, and are now helping other women in similar situations.

A different Christmas present
Our partners are currently in the middle of an exciting new step forward. They have bought a house both to provide shelter for the women involved in the project and for the ministry’s other activities. This means that our partners do not have to spend money on rent, and are also free to have worship and share about God as a loving and caring Father.

This January, they will start building a higher wall around the house’s grounds (a common safety requirement in Brazil) and furnishing the house.

We at YWAM Denmark have decided to give a Christmas present for this and help ensure that the house provides good, safe and homely facilities as soon as possible. If you wish, you have the opportunity to join us.

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