We are excited to invite you to an amazing camp with warm fellowship, inspiring teaching, worship, good talks and reflection times in the small groups, intercession and activities as well as teaching targeted children, juniors and teenagers. You can look forward to family time, “hygge”, good conversations in the café and so much more! We are very excited for what God ais going to do in our hearts this week. Join us in a camp for people of all ages in the presence of an amazing God!

The camp is taking place in week 30 at Djursland Boarding School. The camp starts Sunday in week 29 and ends Saturday in week 30.


A Camp for all generations
The camp is for the whole family/people of all ages, so there will be separate programes for:

Childrens group 1 is for children age 3-4.
Childrens group 2 is for children age 5-6 or if you are about to start in school.
Childrens group 3 is for children from 1.-2. grade.
Juniors is from 3.-6. grade.
Teenagers is from 7. grade to age 16.
17+ is for you who are between age 17-25.


Morning: Teaching followed by fellowship and reflection time in small groups. The children, juniors and teenagers will have a program of their own at the same time.
Afternoon: No program. This is a good time to hang out with family and friends.
Evening: Teaching for the adults. There’s also program for juniors and teenagers.
17+ have their own separate program during the camp.


Small Groups
All adults will be in a small group. The idea with these smaller fellowships is that everybody will be seen and will be able to share and process the teaching together. Often it is easier to share about your life and thoughts in a smaller group setting, and the small groups provide good opportunity for that. The purpose is not just  to sit around and talk, but to create relations, to encourage and to pray for each other. You will be staying on the same area of the camp site as your small group. Those staying in appartments/rooms will be placed according to the size of the small groups. Couples will be in the same group.


You can stay in a caravan, a tent or rent a room on the school.
There are seven camp sites. Remember to bring your own madras if you are staying in a tent. There are mobile toilets/baths at the camp sites.


About the rooms
Should you wish to stay in a room, you will have to bring duvets, pillows and bed sheets for you and your family. There are only two beds in each room, so please also bring additional madrasses for the rest of your family.

The rooms differ in size, and not all rooms have a toilet and bath of their own (but there are in the main building) We distribute rooms according to size of the families and according to special needs.


There will be warm lunch every day at 12 for everybody.
If you: are staying in a room, are a part of the 17+ camp or teenager, you are signed up for all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
If you: are staying on one of the camp sites, you will have to provide your own breakfast and dinner.
There will be coffee/tea/juice and cake or dessert after the evening meeting for everyone.


Facilities and surroundings
The boarding school, where the camp is taking place, is located in Fjellerup surrounded by beautiful nature. There is forrest, a soccer field, beachvolley, a camp fire place and 2,5 km away you have the sea with beautiful beaches and Fjellerup Icecream shop, if you have a sweet tooth.


General information

  • Bring your own mug/cup, knife, fork, spoon and kitchen towel. We use disposable plates at the meals. Dishes are done on the camp sites and in the small kitchens.
  • Juniors have to bring their own pillow to sit on during their meetings + practical clothe for all kinds of weather + sports shoes and soccer shoes.
  • There are places to do dishes, laundry and a fridge free to use just next to the meeting hall.


Book table/candy shop
There will, as always, be a wide selection of books at our book table, so you have the opportunity to buy new inspiration for both children and adults.
As is the tradition, the candy shop will be open every day.


17+ Café
In our 17+ Café you can hear the sound of the espresso machine, conversations across the tables, laughter and music. You can buy delicous coffee, snacks etc. play games and get to know new friends. The café will be open three times a day.


Do you want to help?
Every year we need volunteers to make ends meet. We especially need help in the kitchen and staff for the childrens groups, but we can use help in all areas of the camp. If you would like to help out, then write us by clicking the email icon in the bottom of our website.


Camp (warm meal incl.) Before April 15th. After April 15th.
Adult 1.545,- 1.700,-
Age 3-12  565,- 610,-
Age 0-2 0,- 0,-
Room (all meals incl.)
Adult 1.960,- 2.150,-
Age 3-12 720,- 800,-
Age 0-2 0,- 0,-
17+/teenager 1.130,- 1.260,-
Deposit 950,- 950,-

Adress of the Camp

Djurslands Efterskole
Kanneshøjvej 43
8585 Glesborg

Should you have questions then write us an email by clicking the mail icon at the bottom of the page. We will answer you as soon as possible. You can also contact us by phone +4586974055 (all workdays 10:00-15:00).