Out of this summer’s Active Family Camp, the idea came to invite for an extra active outreach next summer.

The thing is, that in 2015 YWAM Latvia’s family work bought a fantastic piece of land and center just outside Liepaja with support from i.a. Denmark.

The intention is to use the place for seminars and camps especially for families and children. It is a very special and beautiful area with forest, a large pond and meadow as well as 8 buildings. But, and there is a very clear and visible “but”! Most buildings require loving and skilled hands in order to be used.

Therefore, we are now planning an outreach for artisans and others with intelligent and generous hands, including families and children who want to make a difference.
There will be a project for the more construction savvy, as well as smaller technical projects for children and us with all fingers and thumbs. Here we are talking about Families on a serious Mission.

Does it tingle in your fingers and heart? So pack your work gloves and go outreach next summer in week 28.
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