As you know, there is a new king in Denmark. In the same way, we are moving towards a leadership change at YWAM. Ulrik and Núbia have faithfully and solidly led Sjellebro for many years, and now they would like to pass the baton so that they can focus on their heart’s desire – relief work and humanitarian aid.

YWAM Norway is well on its way to forming a new team for YWAM Copenhagen, and now we need to form a new team to take Sjellebro into the future.

This means that we are entering a new era for YWAM Denmark, and with it, a generational change. We do not have a “crown prince” on hand for Sjellebro, but we believe that God will call a team to lead and gather a new wave of young people with fresh visions and new ministries.

Vi forventer “ny vin på nye sække” – så vi den 2. marts får lov til at drømme sammen om fremtiden. En ny generation kræver en ny form, og samtidigt er det også sandt, at man ikke kan bygge eller skabe noget, man ikke kan forestille sig. Vi satser på Helligåndens hjælp og en Gud-given kreativitet.

We are expecting “new wine in new wineskins” – so that on March 2nd, we will get to dream together about the future. A new generation requires a new form, and at the same time, it is also true that you cannot build or create anything that you cannot imagine. We are relying on the help of the Holy Spirit and a God-given creativity.

It will be a day when we will seek the Lord together. We will also listen to each other in groups, as we believe that God speaks, but that He has also already spoken.

Expect short inspirational inputs – not any “talking-head” from any stage, but a listening and seeking from the grassroots, seasoned with worship and praise. Silas Urban will come and help us with the worship.

We will start by finding out “who is who” – who has God gathered. Of course, there will also be plenty of coffee, cake and other refreshments.

We wish to receive everyone in the best way possible. Do to this we kindly ask you to fill out the google form below. It takes about a minute. 🙂

We really hope that you can come, and also have the opportunity to stay for YWAM Night in the evening, which will be a continuation of our gathering.

Target audience

We are inviting you specifically if you are, or have been, involved with YWAM anywhere in the world within the past 10 years.

Perhaps you are sitting in Norway with a heart and vision for Denmark. Perhaps you are currently studying, but you could see yourself as an active part of the Danish YWAM ministry. Welcome!

We are sending you a specific invitation because we would especially like to hear what you have on your heart for Denmark, and whether God may be calling you to be a part of shaping the future.

We are also inviting everyone with a heart and interest in YWAM Denmark and Sjellebro to this first meeting, as we do not know who is sitting with what on their heart. Perhaps God is already calling someone? Welcome!

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