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Summer and vacation are almost here, also here is the next stayConnected. Here in Denmark our society starts to slowly re-open again, and we hope that you, who are reading this, are also (or will soon) be in the same situation. In this newsletter Psychologist Marianne Thorlund explains why the reopening unexpectedly can be hard for us. You will also get a short insight into what it means to be a volunteer in YWAM in Denmark and you can read about the Sjellebro base serving coffee to the locals.

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As always, we share prayer suggestions and a calendar with you.

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The title of this article is (in Danish "Tro på at det vil lysne" - Ed.) also the title of a book by Swedish Author Tomas Sjödin and a sentence full of hope - and hope we need in this time. After more than a year of restrictions, closure, home schooling and homework, we now all hope that we can soon return to our normal lives.

At the same time, many experience that it is not as easy to get back to everyday life again as we expected. More children and adults report increased fatigue, sadness, and anxiety. It may seem strange when we now suddenly "are allowed to do" what we have longed for.

Our internal alarm system
It can be helpful here to take "a look" at our brain. Among other things, it is created to protect us and scan our surroundings for danger and possible threats: "Is there anything that could threaten my life or pose a danger to my well-being?".

Throughout the past year, we have all been part of a society that has repeatedly told us, that we are in danger. We have to be careful because otherwise… it can go horribly wrong both in Denmark, but also all over the world. We have been told that if we do not stay home, wear face masks, cut ourselves off from social contacts and activities, then we can ultimately die or be blamed for others dying. The brain has reacted to this instinctively. We have all tried to survive and protect ourselves. Even though you may not have felt like you are in "alarm mode", you can be sure that your brain has detected that there is danger ahead, and that it must be vigilant.

Getting started again
Now we have to get started again with everything we have been told for a long time is "dangerous", and we can feel tired and vulnerable because our brain, and thus our senses and emotions, have to get used to being out in world again and believe that it is safe enough.

It takes time and requires slow habituation, for some more than others.
Likewise, we have long been accustomed to fewer impressions, demands and social contacts - and suddenly experiencing them again can be overwhelming. In particular, we have been unfamiliar with larger social groups, and this can cause us to react with discomfort and fatigue when we are with others. Our social muscle is "untrained".

Personal "rehabilitation"
We may therefore also need a slow "gradual reopening" in our own lives with no requirement for ourselves to be immediately back in the "normal", where we allow body and mind to need breaks and treat ourselves with kindness when we feel increased fatigue, anxiety or sadness.

It is a natural reaction to the enormous strain we each and as a society have been under. So there is not necessarily anything wrong when you feel emotional reactions to having to start again. It is actually quite normal.

Step by step
Allow yourself a "gradual rehabilitation". Do not immediately throw yourself over the same as before - allow your mind and body to be trained up to the pace, emails and activities of everyday life. You can also use the transition period to think about - what have you missed the last year and want back in your life? Is there something from everyday life before corona that you have not missed, and which you will therefore choose not to keep?

Marianne Thorlund is a regular participant in YWAM's family camps. She works with therapy and research at PsykologCenter Aarhus.
It is a great pleasure and blessing to have some amazing volunteers in YWAM's community. They give a few hours or a whole day where they mow grass or help with various practical work, projects and events. Some have certain skills, such as an being an electrician, but this is not a requirement at all. Do you have the time and desire to volunteer at YWAM? Then please contact us. Below, one of our volunteers at Sjellebro writes a little about her background, and why being a volunteer makes sense to her.

My name is Berith. I live in Aarhus with my husband and two children and have just completed my second maternity leave. Recently, I made the decision to continue staying at home with my youngest girl, Olivia, and have therefore been considering how I can best thrive in it.

Want to make a difference and spend time with God
I have a great desire that Olivia and I together should be something for other people while my big boy, Lukas, enjoys himself with friends in kindergarten. My dream has for a long time been to be able to serve with Olivia, and at the same time have some social time and time with God.

YWAM is especially close to my heart. It is a place where I experience that God is just present. I did my DTS in Australia and have been a leader in the teenage group at YWAM's family camps here in Denmark. Since then, I have missed YWAM and would like to spend more time there.

Mission on family terms
It is important to me that serving God is done on Olivia's terms. We have therefore arranged it in such a way that Olivia and I dedicate one morning a week to being at Sjellebro. We arrive so we have time to participate in prayer and worship and while Olivia gets her nap, there is time for me to serve and work. Some days I only get to work two hours, others more. When Olivia wakes up, we return home early to pick up her older brother in kindergarten.

Gets a lot back
It lifts me up both in my thoughts and my mood to be at Sjellebro. I experience that one day a week I get to turn my focus away from myself, see other people and get some God-time. Even if I spend some energy, I get a whole lot back. It is great that the little time, I can give each week, also has a value, because I enjoy it.
Read more about volunteering
The future is hard to predict, most of us have probably recognized, but what do we do when we can not reach out to people as we usually do? One day a simple idea popped up on the Sjellebro base to bring joy around us. We prayed and decided to try it out.

Possibilities to have outdoor activities for associations (which YWAM in Denmark is registered as) had just re-opened, so with posters saying "Free Coffee" and our barista machine, we headed up to the shop in the local village Friday afternoon.

We had for a long time wanted to be more visible and relevant locally, and a cup of coffee seemed like a good, uncomplicated way to start conversations.

The warm reception was overwhelming. Most people wanted to talk, and a pleasant atmosphere quickly developed in the parking lot. The conversations went smoothly as several of our “customers” knew each other, and we were encouraged to come back. After being there quite a few times, a few have been prayed for and our neighbors are now encouraging each other to come, when we set up.

It was a super simple idea one random morning, but God uses it. It is amazing to see!

Stand with us in prayer:

  • For India. In May, YWAM Denmark and partners fundraised for treatment of corona-affected poor people in Mumbai. DKK 43,000 (6900 USD) were raised. Continue to pray for the people of India that they may meet God's love, protection, and healing.
  • For for all of us to get off to a good start again during the reopening period. Against loneliness and isolation, for wisdom and new strength to the social muscle.
  • Our volunteers - both in Copenhagen and in Sjellebro. Please pray for more people to join.
  • For our initiatives at Sjellebro to reach out to the locals; that more good relationships must be created, that prejudices against Christians and Jesus must be broken, and that people will get to know Jesus.
  • For the summer camps; REVIVAL CAMP and the Family Camp in Fjellerup. Pray for wisdom running the camps and for more staff for the family camp - especially the kitchen lacks a few extra hands.
  • For more staff in YWAM Denmark.
  • For the DTS and for creativity and wisdom in how to navigate in covid and restrictions. Also pray for more students.


JULY 11.-17. 
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Join our youth camp at Alterna in Hillerød.
It will be a week where the rest of your year will also be "set on fire".
For youth between 15-25 years.

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YWAM Denmark invites you this time to gather in Copenhagen.
We hope that it gives you, who do not live close to Sjellebro, the opportunity to participate.

Registration is required due to catering and restrictions. The exact location of the annual meeting will come later with the registration option on our website

The meeting will be at 4-5 in the afternoon.

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Proposals, that are to be taken into consideration, must be received by the chairman, Henrik Thomsen, before August 6th.
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The six-month Discipleship Training School is about knowing God and making him known.

The school consists of three months of life-transforming teaching at Sjellebro's scenic center outside Randers, in the Faroe Islands' unique wild nature and island culture and in wonderful wonderful Copenhagen.

Discover your destiny
First, we receive life-changing teaching in English (translation into Danish as needed) in an exciting international and inter-denominational environment.
Experienced teachers from home and abroad will cover topics such as: the Holy Spirit, hearing the voice of God, the heart of God for the nations… and much more.
Then we travel together to Brazil or Eastern Europe to try to be Jesus' hands and feet and make him known, by bringing hope and help to people in need.

September 16, 2021 - March 4, 2022
Expect transformation, new friends, whale meat on your plate, a love for the nations… and exciting experiences in a worn out backpack!
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It is with a heavy heart that we find ourselves forced to push the Latvia outreach to July next year 2022.

To enter Latvia from Denmark “full vaccination + 15 days” is currently required, which excludes most of us. Likewise, Latvia continues to be ‘orange’ on website for travel restrictions issued by the Danish government. The situation can of course change, but to give everyone the opportunity to make alternative plans this July, we find it best to postpone the plans already now.

Juris and Kristine in Latvia fully understand our decision. To our great joy and excitement, they are still excited about the possibilities this year and decided to stick with a July outreach, where local Latvians are invited to come and help with various practical work. 

We also hope that you feel like sticking to the plan, and push the outreach to 3.-9. July, 2022. Likewise, the fundraising continues .

Alternative options this year
IF you have been vaccinated (+15 days) in July and still would like to lend a hand to our Latvian friends July 11.-17., or later in the year, you can write an email to Juris.
A small outreach to Latvia is being considered during the autumn holidays (October 17.-23.). More information follows on website and Facebook.

May God give us all a wonderful summer, and really good alternative plans for July!
Email Juris
Email Juris
Our main speaker is Sam Hoffman from Germany. He is a prayer missionary - currently living in Greece, where he works among refugees. Sam will teach about our spiritual heritage and how we can pray for our family.

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Registration is open for camping and tents.
Unfortunately, all rooms are booked, but you have the opportunity to sign up for the waiting list.
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11.-17. REVIVAL CAMP Alterna
25.-31. Family Camp Djurslands Boarding school
28. Annual meeting Copenhagen
16.- Hands & Feet DTS Sjellebro
30. YWAM Night - God's Character Sjellebro
7. YWAM Night - The Bible Sjellebro
14. YWAM Night - Spiritual Authority Sjellebro
16.-21. Compassion Adventures Mexico
18.-22. KKI Rudehøj Boarding school
21. YWAM Night - The Cross Sjellebro
23. DTS goes to  Faroe Island
YWAM Copenhagen has Worship nights Monday evening at 7-9 at Knabrostræde 26. We are also still on livestream on Facebook.

Keep an eye on our website and Facebook pages for both YWAM Denmark and YWAM Copenhagen.

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