We are starting up again when the situation with corona allows us to.

Jesus’ most repeated social act was to eat in new ways and with new people. The dinner table is one of the most common elements of the Gospel of Luke and provides the setting for the teaching and meeting with Jesus. YWAM Nights at Sjellebro will move to the dining room and take place over a meal at the Jesus Table.


This is not just another “program” – anything can happen when we invite Jesus to fellowship with us by the Holy Spirit at the table. You can expect the following:

  • A person opens the meal with a short word for inspiration or a question to get us started.
  • We will all have the opportunity to share life at the table and receive prayer.
  • We are given time to worship God, where anyone can lead the prayer, read a Bible verse, start a song, etc. In other words, it becomes a meal of focus both upwards and towards each other.
  • A meal with Jesus at the center.

Time: we’ll start up again after summer

Sign up: The Friday before at the latest by paying 30 DKK on MobilePay: 423535 and tag the payment Jesus Table.
Location: YWAM Sjellebro, Randersvej 195, 8544 Mørke

Children are of course welcome, as long as they are able to participate around the tables.