APRIL 6TH – May 30TH 2020
DTS Boost is a 8 weeks program which is an optional continuation of your DTS. You can participate within two years after you’ve finished your DTS.

The DTS Boost serves the purpose of two things:
To prepare you to go back home after DTS, to deepen and thoroughly process your own DTS.
To experience how it can look like to be a missionary in YWAM and be part of a YWAM community.

This includes leadership training and doing different ministries.
It has two focuses you can choose from: Uni Prep and Social Justice.


Uni Prep is designed for you, if you are going to university. It’s to prepare for a complete change of environment and for potential opposition. You will get equipped to reach university students.

Social Justice goes in depth with the injustice in the world. We will lift the veil for us to see the world as it really is, and look at why/how we can still choose hope. You will not only have teaching but also get to bring justice through hands-on ministry. If you have a desire to stand up for those living under injustice, this focus is for you.


DTS Boost will take place in YWAM Denmark and we will have short trips to Copenhagen and outreach in Europe.

Cost: 9,000 DKK for two months program including travel, meals, transportation, teaching, housing.

*Not included are expenses for the travel to and from the DTS Boost and potential expenses for visas, vaccinations and item for private use (e.g. toiletries).

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